All you need to know about our lessons.

Technical Attributes

Lessons are conducted online using the eLecta Live Virtual Classroom platform. Students are not required to download any software but to have the latest version of JAVA on their computers and a relatively fast internet connection. We have chosen this particular platform as it greatly simulates a contemporary classroom experience, with crystal clear audio, video, multiple whiteboards, screen sharing and many other characteristics that make each lesson technically sound.

Lesson Duration

Each lesson has a duration of 90 minutes. We strongly believe it is the ideal time in which a lesson can be completely substantial without it becoming tedious and therefore losing its efficiency.

Course Duration

The average GRE preparation course lasts 8 weeks with 2 lessons weekly. However, since each student is a completely different case, it can be much shorter or longer to address each student’s individual needs. You may request tuition on one particular section of the GRE examination, or even on one element of a section. Whether you need a complete preparation for the whole GRE examination or extra tuition on only the Algebra element of the Quantitative Section, we can help you.

Course Structure

We offer a completely different course structure to every student. This is formulated during our first meeting, when we try to understand the particular needs of each student, and then it is continually fine-tuned throughout the course.